Melchizedek and Zechariah

Zechariah and Melchizedeck

Two crowned heads that embody the biblical expression "People of priests , people of kings" (Ex 19: 6), mark two milestones in the history of salvation :

Melchizedek, the charitable king of Salem (future Jerusalem ) is God Almighty’s priest, who brought Abraham bread and wine instead of the blood of sacrificed animals (Gen 14: 17-20 ).

Zechariah (1), Bacharias’s son, was assassinated in Jerusalem between the sanctuary and the altar (Mt 23: 35) and whose frozen blood remained indelible. He is represented with the palm of martyrdom.

Melchizedek and Zechariah carry together a chalice.
Sacrifice, crowns, ciborium and palm of martyrdom, all these signs indicate that these two characters embody a foreshadowing of the Christian Messiah, King of the Jews and Passover lamb sacrificed for the salvation of Men.

(1) Due to the game of polysemy, Zechariah also recalls two other characters:
- Zechariah, a king of Israel, son of Jeroboam, who was killed by Shellum, a conspirator, shortly after his accession to the throne ;

- Zechariah, son of priest Jehoiada, whose stoning at the temple entrance, on orders of king Jehoash whose idolaters abuses he denounced, is told in the  second book of the chronicles. (2 chr 24: 20-22)

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