The Torah and the Gospel on Conques's tympanum

The Scriptures are represented four times on the tympanum.
In the clergy's procession, two monks carry the Tables of the Law and the Gospels.

Clerics carrying the Scriptures.
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The presence of the Bible on the same  floor as the New Testament, as well as the Good News on the same floor of the Old one, is a correspondence which  recalls the unity and continuity of the holly Book.

Each of the two Testaments is thus represented twice : the Bible is represented by the Torah scrolls held by Moses and Aaron's hands and the Tables of the Law carried by a cleric and by later King Louis the Pious.
The Gospel, carried here in a sheet by the monk, is also presented by the holy Marys in the last arch of the biblical times.

Therefore, the fundamental role played by the Holy Scriptures,  texts essential to announce salvation, is emphasized four times. This is why it is important to identify the Evangelary and not confound it with a simple shrine as is all too often done.

Good News

Mary and Mary Magdalene, present the "Good News". Mary of Magdala, Apostle among the Apostles, is the first witness of Christ´s resurrection on Easter morning, and the harbinger of the "Good News". Veiled and crowned Holy women, they hold lighted lamps and are placed in key position, ensuring the transition at the end of the Old Testament's floor. (Read more about the cult of Mary Magdalene)

Moses and Aaron holding the Torah scrolls

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